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Make Money as a Life Coach®

Mar 30, 2022

Discover what it takes to create a huge income-replacing business before you leave your job. Brig is sharing how she went from making $10K in seven months to making over $300K in a year, all of the thought work that got her there, and how she provided amazing value for her clients while also working two demanding...

Mar 23, 2022

Discover everything you need to know about launching, and how we take this work even deeper inside 200K. I’m sharing the biggest mistakes I see people making during and preparing for their launches, and what you can do to get crystal clear on the best launch strategies and processes for you.


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Mar 16, 2022

So many coaches believe the best way to make lots of money is to coach business coaches like I do, and Kristen is the perfect example that this simply isn’t true. As a serial entrepreneur who always let her passion lead the way, she’s showing us the power of following your heart instead of chasing the money, and how...

Mar 9, 2022

Discover why you’re overvaluing your content and undervaluing your sales pitch. I’m showing you how your offer could be more valuable than the free content you’re providing right now, and what happens when you’re swimming in fear and discomfort about selling to your potential clients.  


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Mar 2, 2022

This week, you’ll discover why changing the circumstances of your offer isn’t the answer. I’m showing you why people aren’t buying right now, what people actually care about when it comes to your offer, and what will make your offers more valuable.



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